A true valiant saga of our brave Indian Sailor Capt. Mustafa K. Topiwala, an active master mariner with Darya Ship management who saved 15 lives in a breath taking rescue operation in the
Mediterranean Sea.


It was on this fateful night when the then 2nd Officer Topiwala on board “Searose G” an OBO carrier in the Mediterranean Sea, received a distress call from M. V Teklivka a container vessel, during his midnight watch.

The Rescue and Coordination Centre (RCC) in Alexandria confirmed that the vessel had sunk and 15 crewmembers were in distress. The RCC advised Searose G to proceed to the rescue scene and carry out rescue operation.

Under an extremely hostile weather the vessel proceed to the rescue location with all possible look out available. A couple of hours later an utterly wrecked life raft was seen with 15 sailors completely drenched in heavy Fuel oil with no indication of life. Keeping hopes alive the vessel approached the life raft only to discover that the Sailors were still breathing in the freezing waters.


2nd Officer Topiwala without a second thought jumped into the sea to rescues the helpless sailors who would have otherwise drowned and lost their lives. Such was the courage of our brave Sailor. Eventually all the other sailors were rescued and picked up on board. They were saved to live a second innings of life. GOD indeed, works in mysterious ways.


Capt. Mustafa K. Topiwala was invited by the Secretary General Mr. Efthimios E. Mitropoulos of the IMO to receive the “IMO Exceptional Bravery at Sea” award at a special ceremony held during the IMO Assembly, on 19-20 November 2007 in London.