Charisma it is said is the Fragrance of the Soul. What is this mysterious secret quality that makes some people appear powerful and attractive to others?

We often believe that charisma is an elusive quality that comes to people naturally, easy to spot in influential people, great leaders and fascinating public figures.


An innate characteristic bestowed at birth, either we have it or we don’t. As if same lucky people were born under a brighter star!


An early riser, the benefits of which are there, for all to see, Capt Rajesh Deshwal is an ardent believer of the saying “A healthy body has a healthy mind”. He further adds, “I would like to thank Sailor Today awards for recognizing the efforts of my company Darya Shipmanagement, and honouring me with this wonderful motivating award. Awards are like supplements and vitamins in our professional life. The formula for motivation goes back to the Ramayana days when even the Great Lord Hanuman needed motivation to take a great leap over the Mahasagar! With this recognition I feel more responsible and excited to fulfill the dreams of my colleagues and fellow seafarers. I seek the support of my seniors and all the industry, to continue shining.”